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Angel's Spirit
Stag Creek Palermo
Stag Creek Solen
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Mead's Northern Express
Prairie Hawk Apache Dun
Warrior's Midnight Zephyr
Tall Trees Misdemeanor
Stag Creek Zydeco
Warrior Coyote Crow Horse
Stag Creek Mikade
Seeker's Warrior
Warrior's Black Velvet
Warrior's Range King
Warrior's Iron Cloud
Warrior Mead Stardust
Warrior Mead Berndt Lakota

Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Mead's Northern Express
Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Seeker's Warrior on the Crow Reservation in Pryor Montana
Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Prairie Hawk Apache Dun from Saskatchewan
StallionsAmerican Bashkir Curly Stallions

Stag Creek Stallions

Here at Stag Creek Farm, we have had the honor to own a number of incredible pure American Bashkir Curly Stallions, and to use them in our program.

Each has contributed outstanding qualities to the foals they have produced, and we could not be more excited about their offspring!

Though we have hated to let any of them move off to other breeders' farms, the continual retainment of their top notch fillies (an integral part of our breed improvement program) helped encourage us as we said "goodbye".

Currently we have three stallions in residence ~ Angel's Spirit, Stag Creek Palermo & Stag Creek Solen. It is an exciting powerhouse of genetics, with a variety of color and beautiful curl!

Hope you enjoy your visit with all these stallions on their individual pages, and meet these fine gentlemen for yourself!

We believe in the power of a well bred, foundation bloodline stallion, and can easily see them making their own marks on this breed.

Staying pure within the breed has been important to us through the years. We strive for a well built horse that will love spending time with its human companions, have an excellent work ethic, as well as be genetically capable of producing quality offspring itself.

Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Warrior's Midnight Zephyr at Stag Creek Farm  Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Tall Trees Misdemeanor from Ontario  Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Seeker's Warrior and other Curly stallions on the Crow Reservation  Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Mead's Northern Express at Stag Creek, Texas