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ABC 3809 - f. 5-29-2008.
Sire: *Tall Trees Misdemeanor ABC 3540 - Dam: *Warrior Mead MayB Queen ABC 2856

Oh my goodness....this colt takes my breath away! *Caden is an absolutely fabulous colt - in every way! You can see from the photos his outstanding conformation, beautiful coloring and lovely I will tell you what you can't see in a photo. *Caden has an exceptional disposition - and personality.....just what we love to see! He is respectful, friendly, calm, and very handsome! A top quality colt with a wonderful, diversified bloodline! And wow is *Caden growing up well!! He is strong and sturdy, and very well built - ready for a lifetime of service under saddle or driving. He has that short Curly mane and bushy tail that just makes my heart thrill.....I just love that look!!! When you are looking for something a little unusual, and shopping for a rare breed, you really want a horse that will stand out from the croud. Looking at *Caden you know in a split-second that there is something different about this boy - something special! Not a chance in the world of him getting mistaken for an ordinary horse breed - you can tell from a long way off that he is unique - and his magnetic personality will draw admirers where ever he goes - first because of his unique physical characteristics, and permanently because of his endearing charm.

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