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We love talking about our Curly horses - by phone, email, or the old fashioned pony express. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, would like more information about a horse, or if you just want to learn more about the breed. Have a great day! Barbara

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Barbara Carroll 2500 CR 116
Comanche, TX 76442
Mobile Phone
Email Stag Creek

I generally now answer all email within 24 hours. If you have not recieved a reply to your email within this time, we are either out of town (highly unlikely), our service is down and we will not receive it until the service resumes (more probable, in our rural area ~ usually every time it gets cloudy and for sure every time it rains!), or your email was unfortunately lost in the system (the most likely). If you can not reach us by email, please give us a call by phone, or do not hesitate to resend your email, as we really do want to visit with you and help you find the Curly you love! Thanks so much!
Bashkir Curly Horse Stallion Mead's Northern Express Bashkir Curly Horse Warrior Starberndt now lives in Colorado! Bashkir Curly Horse Mare Warrior No Sox now lives in Saskatchewan Canada! Bashkir Curly Horse Colt Buckaroo Bashkir Curly Horse Mare Warrior Berndtie now lives in Sweden! Bashkir Curly Horse Filly Warrior Berndt Summer now lives in Germany!Bashkir Curly Horses roaming free at Stag Creek Farm. Bashkir Curly Horse Mane of Mead's Northern Express Bashkir Curly Horse Mare Warrior's Berndt - one of Ernest Hammrich's original Curlies! Best friend and helper of all farm chores! Bashkir Curly Horse Mare Mead's Morning Dove
Meet Our Family
Here I am recently with my husband Charles - the love of my life who supports me in everything I do and driver of all horse trailers to the ends of America and Canada too! And my five beautiful children - Chassidy, Ransom, Nick, Alek, and Enna. I won't attempt to describe my children here, as they are one thing I can talk about longer than Curlies, but I will just let it be known that they are the five best kids in the world - and each in their own special way!